Sunday, April 11, 2010

Building Bones and Beautifcation


Finally after loosing a few weekends to holidays and weather, it was time to jump back into our Shasta. I decided to prime and paint the edge of the icebox that had rusted over the years. I taped everything off, even on the inside just in case there is over spray.
I taped newspaper inside and on the edges of the icebox to keep the paint off all the precious places. I put two coats of primer down before adding the colored paint.

After several coats of brown, I let it dry and revealed a new, shiny paint job. Good for another 50 years...I hope! BTW, that isn't over spray inside the icebox, it's chipped paint and paint dust that floated in there. Yep, that's a baking soda box in there. Even though it has been completely open for over a month now, it still has a "fishy" smell. I haven't bleached it yet, so I'm holding out hope I can make it fresh someday.

I moved to the wheel well. I used a wire brush to knock off the small amount of rust and flaking paint. This is a "just for me" project since it will covered by seating and will never be seen.

Here is the first coat of primer.

The final product. I love knowing she's pretty even in the secret places.

So while I was fumigating myself in the front corner of the Shasta, Dennis was working on the bones of the girl. Here he is making a patten to use to cut out the plywood on the back edge.

Once he cut out the sections for the boards he cut the curve while it was on the trailer. The other side he did first and on that side he cut the curve BEFORE he installed it. He wasn't happy that the curve wasn't perfect with the skin curve, so on the second side he decided to cut it on the rig. He was much happier with the finished product. I was worried that he would cut the siding but he was very careful and did a great job.

Knowing my husband, he standing there looking at something that isn't just right. I did hear him say today, "Maybe I'm over thinking this and I shouldn't be too critical." That's a great first step.

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