Monday, March 22, 2010

The Sanding Begins

Very little was accomplished this weekend because my hubby had to work over the weekend and I had a church event all day Saturday. I did squeeze out a few hours on Sunday afternoon to begin sanding the varnish off the kitchen cabinets. I was surprised how easily the varnish came off the wood. I also sanded the rusted metal parts of the icebox so that I can prime and paint it later. Though I am disappointed that my trailer project isn't further along due to weather and extracurricular events I am happy that something got accomplished this weekend.

I think the cabinets look great, I love the wood! It really is what made us fall in love with this year of Shasta.

I did do another big thing this weekend. I made reservations to the "Run to the Top" trailer rally June 24-27th in Wrightwood, Ca. It is our self appointed deadline to get her road ready and as beautiful as we can before then. We are very excited to attend our first rally and see all the trailers and meet other enthusiasts there. So here's to deadlines!

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