Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1: Destruction

The first item on our list was to take out the awful late 70's aftermarket seating/sleeping area. The builder of this little units used 5 different screw types so it was a frustrating demo project as we had to keep changing the bits on our screw guns. Once it was out we hit the carpet! It smelled better with just those two little improvements! Now we could see some of her little secrets. She still had her original 9x9 tiles. I started cleaning them up to see what they would look like. Nope! Still looks like a dirty floor, so it will be one of the few original details to be covered by us in the future.

Next Dennis carefully took out the back window and cut out the back panel in hopes that the only water damage was to the panel only. No such luck. The wood supports in the back crumbled to the touch. Before we knew it, the whole back skin was off and we were elbow deep in full on renovation project. Since we were not looking at a quick fix anymore, we decided to take parts of the side wood panels out as well because they too had some stains and we wanted to be sure we didn't have rotting wood issues hiding there either. One side was in good shape the other was going to need old wood strips taken out as well. Our children were horrified when they walked out to see what we had done, and if not for wonderful bloggers and You Tubers I think I would have seized up myself. Those pioneers gave us the courage and confidence to go through with this adventure.

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