Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1 Beautification


While my husband was ripping the trailer apart, I got to the big job of making 50 years of dirt and grime disappear. After I was done sweeping up the seating and carpet mess I started pulling out drawers. I vacuumed out an abandoned mouse nest (thank God it was abandoned) from under the icebox and all the treasures her and her little family left behind. With Clorox Clean Up in one hand and a sponge in the other I dove into the dark recesses of the cabinets. There I found a can of Mayfresh Cola that was lodged behind the icebox for who knows how many years but from the look of it my guess is probably 45 years. That was an exciting find, much better than the mouse nest! Then I looked at my drawers. What to do with these? The Germ-o-phobe beat out the Historian on this one folks. I just was much happier with the thought of my silverware & towels sitting on fresh paint. The green stains from the rat poison had a lot to do with my decision to put a layer of latex between me and the wood.

Once my painting was finished it was time to hit that Z stripe! Out came the Mother's Aluminum Polish and my mouse sander with a "Scotch Brite" type of pad & I went to work. Wow! It shined up nicely! But that shine is a blessing and a curse. Who doesn't want that sparkle? However, with it comes showing every wrinkle and crinkle she has. It the same feeling you get when you are trying on a bathing suit at the department store...everything dimple is magnified. Also, though it's difficult to see it the pictures, there are little tiny pits that I cant seem to buff out. I'm really wanting those pits out so it shines like on another reno I've seen online (Yeah, Red Dirt!), but I'm not sure how to achieve that yet.

All in all, it was a great first day. We are so excited to be working on bringing our little lady back in shape and are dreaming about our first field trip with her!


  1. That's a great idea of the mouse sander w/the Scotch brite! What color Scotch brite pad was it?


  2. Jeff, it was a pad that came with my sander. It looks like a Scotch Brite pad, medium grade. When I was at Lowes the other day, I didn't see any like it for sale. I hope they still make them, if not I will go to Target and buy a Scotch Brite and make my own. It worked really well.